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Top Reasons Gym Equipment Fails (And What You Can Do To Prevent It)

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Gyms and exercising zones have so many electronic, nonelectric, manual, and automatic equipment, tools, gears, and machines that are used on daily basis by its members to perform various types of exercises.

As these gym machines are used by so many customers and clients on daily basis, hence damages and breakage of the gym equipment keep occurring. There are many reasons due to which Equipment Damages occur at the gym. Some of those reasons are discussed below:

Poor Installation

The first and biggest reason why equipment damages occur is wrong placement of the equipment. Such as, if there is electronic machine placed near water bottles refiller, they can get wet when customers go to fill up and drink water.

Even small amounts of water, when it enters in the gym machines, they get damaged and stop working. Moreover, when exercise machines are placed without proper wiring and power supplies, they can get damaged. Running some extension cords and placing a mat over it, just won't work. When people walk on the cords it creates micro tears which lead to larger trears, short circuits, or complete failure. To avoid this, you should take care to install your equipment or hire fitness equipment experts like us!

Misuse And Improper Care

Another reason due to which gym machines are damaged at the gyms is unsafe and casual use. Many users and clients don’t pay much importance to safe usage. They even leave the machines turned on after use. These continuously powered on machines lose their health and life and hence get damaged over time. Moreover, when these machines are not dusted and cleaned on regular basis, the dust accumulates and cause overheating, friction, and eventually also damages them. To avoid this, you have to keep checking the machines after the clients have used them and keep them clean on regular basis.

Ofcourse if you're a gym owner or manager, you may not have the time to deal with the logistics of the equipment. In that case it makes sense to hire trained fitness equipment experts who specialize in repairing, maintaining, and installing gym equipment. At Fit2Move we offer monthly, quarterly, biannual, and annual service agreements. Contact us to learn more!

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